Forme rouge
Le design

Process #1

The Design

Our designers design all models taking into account the DNA of our customers. We work on all current materials:

  • Classic and compressed acetate (-35% lighter and thinner)
  • Carbon fibers 100%)
  • Metal (monel, titanium, betatitanium)
  • Precious metals, leather, rhinestones
  • Inclusions, Injection
  • Glasses: mineral and organic
  • Mastery of all filters, blue light, polarization, UV A and B, mirroring…
  • Designer case, creation of chamoisine, packaging
  • Recyclable materials

Process #2

The Marketing

Our creatives imagine the communication that will accompany the brand with distributors and create for them all the tools necessary for sales:
La fabrication

Process #3

The making

Our manufacturing plants are located in France and depending on the specific requirements, we can manufacture in Europe or in the rest of the world.

Our teams manage all stages of prototype manufacturing and final production.

Process #4

The distribution

We are present in more than 50 countries around the world and on 5 continents.

We look for distributors in each of the target countries and support them in the development of their optician customers.

Our presence :

Europe: 75%
Africa: 10%
Asia: 5%
United States: 5%
South Africa: 5%