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Festina Eyewear Introduction

A story of elegance and innovation inspired by watchmaking

A legend since 1902
For over a century, Festina has embodied watchmaking excellence. Founded in 1902, this brand from the Festina group has left its mark on the world of watchmaking by combining quality, design and accessibility. Building on its prestigious heritage, Festina remains today an undisputed reference in the watchmaking industry.

The timeless elegance of Festina
Like its renowned watches, Festina glasses feature a timeless design that transcends passing fashion trends. Festina embodies universal values that transcend cultural boundaries, social status and origin. The brand is synonymous with elegance, functionality and style. It offers a range of frames for those seeking convenience, exceptional quality and affordability.

Festina glasses:
Combining style and color in watchmaking

Festina glasses reflect the world of Festina watches by following the themes of the different watch collections. You will find vintage-style glasses that blend harmoniously with contemporary, even sporty, shapes to form a coherent collection. The common characteristic of all these themes: color!

The creation of a Festina bezel is inspired by watchmaking codes by highlighting bright colors. These touches of color, although discreet, highlight the curves and details of the frame. The collection also stands out for the quality of the materials used. From the flounder brake screws to prevent any play at the ends of the branches, through to the care taken in spatulating the ends of the branches and the sun clips, everything is designed for the optimal comfort of the wearer. The manufacture of glasses is entrusted to workshops where experienced professionals have succeeded in creating a collection combining quality and attractive prices.

In short, Festina glasses perpetuate the tradition of elegance and innovation that has made the brand famous in watchmaking. Each pair embodies the passion for detail, quality and timeless style that have been Festina signatures for over a century.

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