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Mauboussin Eyewear Introduction

The art of jewelry

The creation of a Mauboussin jewel is a meticulous and thoughtful work that comes to life in the Maison’s French workshops, where the best artisans transform the creators’ dreams into reality. Working with precious metal, setting the best stones… that’s where the magic happens.

Mauboussin now offers fine and refined glasses. Crystal pearl rhinestones enhance the glasses to bring them even closer to jewelry. Each frame is marked by a poetic phrase, celebrating femininity. Working with materials and multi-phase polishing are the essential stages in their development. Optical, solar, metal, UTX) glasses or a combination of materials are thus created, high quality frames designed to illuminate every moment of your sight.

The elegance of Mauboussin glasses

Mauboussin offers collections of sunglasses for women, characterized by bright colors, symbols of optimism and seduction. The frames are made of stainless steel or acetate, and they are marked by the brand’s iconic four-pointed star, a symbol of openness. The star is revisited and stylized, with gems, metal or ceramic, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

After the success of its women’s frames, Mauboussin unveils a new collection dedicated to men. These models, inspired by fine watchmaking, combine finesse, technicality and quality. The frames mainly designed in titanium, an hypoallergenic stainless material renowned for its performance in terms of resistance, robustness and lightness, are aimed at lovers of quality and elegance. A new collection that embodies the art of jewelry for your eyes.

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