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Armorlux Intoduction

A New Vision of Optics

Armor-lux, the famous Breton brand known for its timeless striped sailor top, is broadening its horizons by equipping itself with a range of optical and solar glasses remarkable for their manufacturing: recycled frames made in France, in harmony with the DNA of the brand, founded in 1938 in Quimper, which is committed on a daily basis to preserving its jobs and its know-how while respecting the environment. The success of this approach was not long in coming.

The Brest-based start-up Fil & Fab, specializing in the recovery of used fishing nets, has transformed this waste into nylon granules over the past year. The recycling of fishing nets is part of an approach to protecting the oceans. Indeed, nets abandoned or lost at sea have a negative impact on coral reefs, exposing them to various diseases. The opportunity was therefore perfect to use these granules in injection and thus create new spectacle frames, both resistant and aesthetic.

Armor-lux thus brings a new perspective to the optics industry by offering quality products, while contributing to the preservation of the marine environment.

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