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In the space of a decade, our company has accomplished the feat of establishing itself as a leading player in the eyewear industry.

This success stems from our ability to successfully collaborate with brands wishing to develop their range of licensed optical glasses.

As a manufacturer of frames made from various materials and from different industrial sites around the world, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards society and the environment. This is why we have made the resolute choice to favor the use of eco-responsible materials, whether of biological origin, such as algae, oyster shells and plants, or from recycling, such as nets. fishing gear and reconditioned materials.

In addition, we have decided to concentrate our production in France, thus promoting an approach of proximity and reduction of our ecological footprint. In foreign countries, we are committed to producing locally wherever possible, thereby contributing to more sustainable production on a global scale.

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Each year, we invest significantly in research and development, devoting a significant portion of our turnover to these activities.

Our goal is to deliver innovations in eyewear technology and materials. Whether it’s prescription glasses for vision, sunglasses with UV protection or fashion accessories, we believe that glasses are much more than just accessories; they play an essential role in the lives of their wearers. As a result, we believe that they can now fulfill a second function, contributing to the well-being and health of those who wear them. The ALOHA innovation is proof of this approach.

Our company thus embodies a philosophy centered on innovation, sustainability and commitment to quality. We are proud to actively participate in the evolution of the eyewear industry by offering high quality and environmentally friendly products. This decade demonstrates our determination to continue to shape a future where eyewear combines aesthetics, sustainability and well-being for all.

15-1 Philosophie

The success of the company stems largely from the synergy between the two founders, Antoine Quinzin and Didier Janot.

Beyond their complementary skills, these are common values which truly constituted the basis of this success. The commitment to sustainability, the constant search for excellence, social and environmental responsibility, as well as the passion for innovation are all principles that guide the company on a daily basis.

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Our strengths

License management for all brands

Custom creation and design, in line with the DNA of your brand

Expertise in all materials including bio-sourced and recycled ones

Adaptation to the market by offering specific models by geographic region

Integrated marketing service, knowledge of brand positioning, communication

Light and responsive structure

The brands

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The program aims, through its community of ambassadors and their voices, to turn globalization into an opportunity by positioning internationalization as a crucial development axis for French companies.
The term “ambassadors” was not chosen by chance. The TFE ambassadors are, in a way, the spokespersons for French entrepreneurs expanding internationally. They testify to their peers, encouraging them to embark on the export adventure. They also carry this message to the media and the public sphere.

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