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15-1 Eyewear has taken on a new dimension over the past 3 years by offering frames made with entirely recyclable materials that are perfectly respectful of the environment.

All our current projects now benefit from this unique approach and provide our clients with the expertise of our design offices. Today we offer materials based on waste from industrial production and plants.

For Armor-Lux, we created frames by recycling unusable fishing nets into pellets.

The start-up Fil&Fab, with which we collaborated, is today positioned as the leading French fishing net recycling sector in France.

For the Ville de Paris, we have created 2 ranges of frames based on plants from Parc Monceau on the one hand and Saint-Maximin stone on the other. Reduced to powder and mixed with linseed oil and vegetable resins, these natural materials from our heritage now give rise to magnificent frames.

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Each year, 15-1 Eyewear donates part of its results to Foundations that seek to enhance our environment.

Pure Ocean is an endowment fund whose mission is to support innovative projects contributing to the protection of biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems.

The Pure Ocean Scientific Committee, made up of environmental experts and researchers specializing in marine biodiversity, will select the projects to support every year.

The criteria for the call for projects will be specified each year by the Pure Ocean Scientific Committee. Following the selection of projects supported by the committee, biannual monitoring of their development will be put in place.