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You can’t miss the latest innovations in the world of optics!

ALOHA, a revolutionary material that will change your vision of optical health and well-being.
Imagine ingenious glasses, designed with a patented material which encapsulates protection and well-being properties for you and your children.

ALOHA is the ultimate comfort solution for the whole day!

The name “ALOHA” draws inspiration from Polynesian culture, which is associated with natural beauty, sustainability and deep connection with the environment. The Polynesian islands are renowned for their biodiversity and their respect for nature. By adopting this name, we wish to pay homage to this tradition of harmony between man and nature.


The health and well-being of our customers are at the heart of our approach.
Our unique materials make it possible to create ergonomic and elegant glasses, offering unprecedented protection against pests, lice, mosquitoes, tics and any other insect as well as antibacterial protection, but also fragrances according to your wishes.

Your glasses are durable and easy to maintain.

Enjoy your glasses with complete peace of mind, day after day!


Say goodbye to lice! Our glasses protect your children against these unwanted people.

Enjoy the outdoors! Our glasses keep mosquitoes and ticks away.

Health and hygiene guaranteed! Our glasses sanitize your immediate environment.

A light fragrance that follows you everywhere! Our glasses diffuse your favorite fragrance.