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Ville de Paris Introduction

Parisian chic at your fingertips

Paris, nicknamed “The City of Lights”, is a true gem among global destinations. With more than 38 million visitors each year, Paris seduces with its refinement and its inimitable art of living. In 2014, the City of Paris launched its “Ville de Paris” brand to promote this art of living through derivative products. More than half a million of these products have been sold in 26 countries. Today, the Ville de Paris solar collection is born, allowing everyone to take with them a piece of this universal heritage.

Parisian refinement in your eyes

The Ville de Paris collection is designed for those looking for:

  • A blend of tradition and modernity: Classic but elegant products, skillfully combining tradition and modernity.
  • Quality at an affordable price: Quality glasses at an affordable price.
  • The Parisian art of living: Frames that embody the Parisian art of living.
Lunettes Ville de Paris